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Manheim-Heidelberg Conservatory of Music
Manheim, Germany


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International Percussion & Dance Workshop
Vienna, Austria

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International Percussion Day Tübingen,Germany



"Africa in the Americas"  

 The Workshop




At University of  Puerto Rico in Ponce                                                                  University of P.R. in Ponce




                                                                                                         "Africa in the Americas"                                                                                                   Staff        

                                                                                                Centro Cultural Segundo Ruiz Belviz                                




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  • Focusing in the development of the music, rhythms and percussion instruments from Latin America and the different cultures that had influenced through their history.

  • Focusing in the multi-percussion instruments, polyrhythms and rhythmic independence.

  • Focusing in body movements exercises.





Freddie's Cajon Solo



"Africa in the Americas" Workshop






                                                              Freddie's Conga Solo



Sigi Schwab (Guitar), Mark Egan (Bass), Marcia Montarroyos (Trumpet)

 Freddie Santiago (Percussion)



                               Solo Concerts, Concerts and Recordings 


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Super Drumming TV Concert Video
Saarbrücken, Germany


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Berlin Radio Symphony
Berlin, Germany

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Peter Gabriel Real World Recording Studios
London, England

Jazz Inn TV Concert, Switzerland


Conexión Latina Orchestra, Germany


  • Classical, Latin, Ethnic, Jazz, Contemporary and Fusion Music.


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